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Professional soundproofing services

Professional soundproofing services • http://www.londonsoundsolutions.co.uk/services/soundproofing-walls

Soundproofing ceilings, walls and floors of a house is a simple way of creating a peaceful and relaxing space even in the middle of a busy street. London Sound Solutions Ltd is a team of qualified professionals proficient in stopping the noise from reaching the apartment, as well as muffling the sounds heard within in. People who appreciate having some peace and quiet, but also the ones who enjoy listening to loud music, should think about employing the company to create sound proof walls, floors and ceilings.

Sound proof walls - various types of insulation

London Sound Solutions Ltd has an impressive experience in insulating houses, apartments and other buildings. Depending on the available space, the customers requirements and their budget, they may create sound proof walls using different methods and materials. They can install mass-loaded vinyl sheets or use fibreglass insulation to stop the noise from reaching their client's apartments. They also use special clips that allow hanging acoustic panels without them touching directly the main wall - therefore effectively stopping structure-borne sound.

London Sound Solutions Ltd
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