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Production of optical discs and cassette tapes

Production of optical discs and cassette tapes • http://www.cdprintmasta.com/cd-replication

Printmasta is a manufacturer of CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and cassette tapes. They prepare fully customised orders for their clients, including the selected data, colour combinations and the artwork printed on the case. Their offer is directed at companies and individual clients alike. Depending on the amount of ordered discs, they will perform either DVD/CD replication or duplication. The available packaging options include card wallet, digipak, digisleeve, digifile, vinyl sleeves, but also solid jewel cases.

CD replication

The service of CD replication is performed only on orders of over 500 copies. The products are created by pressing the glass master into the prepared stamps with the data already encrypted on them. This process can also include printing an artwork chosen by the client on each and every disc from the particular commission. The buyer will be able to also pick the type of packaging for his products. Even though CD replication is much more complicated than duplication, it also takes less time, especially on big purchases.

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